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Ladies Lovegra Jelly is a demonstrated female drive sex upgrade item. Its dynamic fixing Sildenafil Citrate is an amazing vasodilator of PDE-5 family. It expands the veins in the genital region and elevates the blood stream to build the achievement rate during intercourse. This amazing medication decreases affectability and advances a solid sexual longing to drag out the span of sexual action.

Kindly burn-through this item with water in any event 1 hour before sexual action. Dodge greasy dinners and cocktails to improve the adequacy of this medication. This item isn’t reasonable for pregnant females and patients experiencing genuine ailments.


Cure the signs of FSD (female sexual dysfunction) and FSAD (female sexual arousal disorder)

4-6 hours effective treatment time

Dilate blood vessel in the vagina

Accelerate the blood flow in the genital area

Promote a strong libido in females

Prolong the duration of sexual activity

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