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Trarad Herb Sex Spray is a one of a kind natural item to drag out the span of erections. Its all-regular fixings widen veins to improve blood flow in the penile tissues that defers discharges for 3-5 times. This sex defer shower contains sanitizer fixings that help to lessen the odds of explicitly communicated sicknesses.

Splash it on the top of the penis at any rate 20 minutes before sexual action. Try not to utilize this sex postpone splash if there should arise an occurrence of serious skin hypersensitivities. Follow the counsel of your primary care physician prior to utilizing this item.


Cure the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, and prostatitis

Increase the blood circulation around the genital area

Prolong the duration of erections up to 40 minutes

Non-toxic, odorless, non-aerosol, and tasteless spray

Support prostrate health

Natural disinfected to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

100% herbal ingredients

Suitable for all skin types

Safe and effective with no side effects

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