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Dexe Hair Building Fiber is a characteristic keratin microfiber based treatment to give a more youthful look. This high level recipe contains 100% compound free and non-poisonous fixings to supplant your bare territories with shinny smooth hair filaments. It is produced using fine keratin strands and contains static charges that rapidly cling to the outside of beforehand existing hair.

Shake the jug and spot hair filaments by confronting the jug a descending way over your head. Tenderly pat the zone to uniformly appropriate the filaments over head. This item is reasonable for the two people. Bid farewell to uncovered fixes and give a normally more full look to your hair!



Made from natural colored hair fibers

Give a natural fuller look

Make your hair thicker and denser

Simple, easy, non-surgical, and painless treatment

No side effects

100% safe and non-toxic formula

Easy to remove with shampoo

Show no signs of bald patches



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